Health Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms and causes

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms and causes


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You may not be diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency for several years, and this may exacerbate the problem. Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the non-reactionary problems, meaning that any symptoms and problems resulting from this deficiency, such as nerve damage, cannot be treated by simply treating a deficiency in this vitamin. 

Let’s know the following for a group of reasons that may be the reason behind vitamin B12 deficiency: 

1- You follow the vegan diet

The only food sources that contain vitamin B12 are animal sources such as meat, poultry, and seafood, and in the event that you are following a vegan diet you will definitely be exposed High vitamin B12 deficiency. So it is usually advised to take supplements to ensure that the deficiency is filled. 

2- You take antacids

In the event that you have previously suffered from stomach ulcers or are currently suffering from acidity in the stomach or what is known as gastro-oesophageal reflux and take antacid medications, the possibility of vitamin B12 deficiency will be higher than you! 

Taking medications and treatments needed for stomach-related health problems may affect vitamin B12 absorption in the body, studies show. 

And in the results of recent studies, it was found that those who take antacid drugs prefer to take vitamin B12 supplements. 

3- You are diagnosed with diabetes or autoimmune diseases.

Problems with irregular blood sugar levels are usually associated with poor absorption of vitamin B12 in the body, even if you are keen to eat its food sources regularly. One of the most famous examples of these diseases is diabetes, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus. In these cases, patients are advised to take nutritional supplement to fill any possible deficiency.

4- Drinking alcohol regularly

If you are one of the people who drink on a daily basis a glass of wine, the possibility of vitamin B12 stores being negatively affected is high for you. People who drink alcohol regularly show that they suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B12 more than others. 

The liver, the organ responsible for the metabolism of alcohol, also plays an important role in storing vitamin B12 in the body, and thus its storage in alcohol drinkers will be affected. 

Thus, we advise you to avoid drinking alcohol or drinking it in moderate quantities while making sure to take vitamin B12 supplements for compensation. 

5- Your age is over fifty

If you are over the age of fifties, your body certainly no longer works the same way it was before and you are now more likely than others to develop many diseases, including a lack of vitamin B12 absorption as a result of poor absorption. Your chances of developing symptoms such as forgetfulness, memory loss, and concentration become higher and faster. 

In this case, we recommend that you take vitamin B12 and its supplements to fill any deficiency. 

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency 

There are a set of signs and indicators that may appear when a vitamin B12 deficiency occurs and the most famous: 

How to treat the deficiency and compensate the needs 

Complications in the event that the B12 deficiency is not treated may be dangerous and includes: 

So you should seek to compensate for any deficiency in this vitamin to avoid Any of these serious problems, and prevention is always better than a pound of cure.

The deficiency is usually compensated for by taking nutritional supplements in the form of sublingual pills, or as injections or oral drops. In addition to making sure to eat various sources of vitamin B12 from meat, seafood and foods fortified with it. 




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