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Top 5 Tips To Getting Better Quality Sleep!!!


There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to put you on the right track again. These tips will help you get a great night’s sleep.

Tip 1: Setting the Stage for Sleep

The first step to a better night’s rest is to set the stage for sleep. Start off by clearing out as much clutter from the bedroom as possible. Clutter is extremely distracting. Even if your conscious mind does not register it, your sub-conscious mind will and it will prevent you getting a restful night’s sleep.

The next step is to make sure that your bedroom is as dark as possible. Take out any appliances that have a LED light – like your alarm clock or DVD player. Use blackout blinds to cut out as much light as possible.

Next, you need to reduce extraneous noise as far as possible. This is not quite as simple as keeping the room dark, especially if you live in a noisy area. You might want to consider getting a set of earplugs to drown out the noise.

Tip 2: Reducing Your Exposure to Blue Light Before Bed Time

I love surfing the internet and I used to do so until the early hours of the morning. Then I would wonder why I couldn’t sleep. Research has shown that exposure to blue light, like the kind of light emitted by the TV, computer or mobile phone, has the same suppressing effect on melatonin production that sunlight has.

Basically, what this means is that it interferes with your ability to fall asleep.

The best way to stop this is to switch off all appliances and to dim electric lights at least an hour or two before going to bed.

That is not always an option so an alternative is to wear a pair of sunglasses in the evening to cut out those rays of light. It sounds weird but it really does work – try it

Tip 3: Go to Bed Earlier

You know how your mother used to nag you to go to bed earlier. It turns out that she was right. Going to bed later and getting up later can land you the same amount of sleep as going to bed early does.

Research has shown, however, that the sleep before 12 o’clock at night is more restorative.

Tip 4: Go to Bed When You Are Sleepy

You know how sometimes you are very tired but you stay up anyway and get a second wind? The reason that you get that second wind is because the body releases cortisol to help you stay awake.

This is very damaging to your system because it means that more cortisol is coursing its way around your body. Don’t ignore your body’s natural sleep cycle.

Tip 5: Stop Worrying About Lack of Sleep

Not being able to fall asleep when you think you should is disconcerting. The problem is that you could end up winding yourself up to a point where you actually can’t sleep.

Lying in bed worrying about not getting enough sleep is counter-productive. For starters, we tend to underestimate how much sleep we are actually getting.

Secondly, even if you are not sleeping, the fact that you are lying in bed does help your body to effect some of the repairs that it needs. It is thus not the end of the world if you do not fall asleep quickly.


Nearly Half A Billion Animals Died In The Australia Fires

Nearly half a billion animals have been impacted by the fires in NSW alone, with millions potentially dead, according to ecologists at the University of Sydney.
That figure includes birds, reptiles, and mammals, except bats. It also excludes insects and frogs — meaning the true number is likely much higher.
The total number of animals affected nationwide could be as high as a billion, according to Christopher Dickman, the University of Sydney ecologist who led the report.
Fires are nothing new in Australia, but they have been growing more intense and becoming more destructive in recent years, a problem that has been exacerbated by climate change.
And animals have been on the front lines — Australia has the highest rate of species loss of any area in the world, and researchers fear that rate could increase as the fire disaster continues.

Australia is home to a list of different and unique varieties of animals, birds, reptiles and plants, Among Australia’s best known wild animals are the kangaroo, koala, echidna, dingo, platypus and wallaby.
Famous animals found in Australia also include marine animals such as cone snail, sea snake, blue-ringed octopus and land animals such as Gang-gang cockatoo, Emu, eastern brown snake, tiger snake, wolf spider, wedge-tailed eagle, banjo frog and Blue-tongued skink, here is the list of unique wild animals of Australia.


Kangaroos are unofficially Australia’s national animal and describe as the largest species from his family. The Kangaroos are endemic to Australia and one of the species of red kangaroo is known as the largest surviving marsupial of the world.


Koala is a tree herbivorous animal native to Australia, mostly found in coastal areas Queensland and Victoria. Koalas are symbols of Australia’s country but due to habitat destruction and hunting, the animal is a vulnerable species.


Echidna are spiny anteaters and one of the egg-laying mammals and one of the rarest animals in the world. The Echidna has a sharp spine like a big porcupine and one of the surviving members of the monotreme species.


Platypus is another egg-laying mammal endemic to the semiaquatic area of Australia. The Platypus is a combination of duck, beaver, and otter, also one of the known venomous mammals in the world.


Wombats are native to Australia, mostly found in mountainous areas of southern Australia. Wombat species are protected in Australia and Epping Forest National Park is one of the best places in the country to spot species of Wombat.


Macrotis are one of the endangered animal species in Australia and one of the shortest among mammals in the world. Greater bilby or Macrotis is the largest of the other small Macrotis and lesser bilby became extinct from Australia.


Wallabies are small kangaroo found in Australia and the smallest member of the kangaroo family. The wallaby are medium-sized marsupial and one of the two species are endangered because of hunting for meat and fur.

Tiger Quoll

Tiger Quoll is a carnivorous animal, native to mainland Australia and Tasmania. The tiger quoll is the largest and the world’s longest species of marsupial and a living carnivorous.

Cane Toad

The cane toads of Australia are also known as giant neotropical toad and has been introduced in the country. Cane toads are highly toxic in nature and one of the largest of the frogs and toads found in Australia.

Thorny Dragon

Thorny Devil Dragon is the only species of devil lizard found in Australia. The thorny dragon is a small species of lizard and known for their defenses against predators.

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil are the carnivorous animal found only in the wild forest of Australian island. The Tasmanian devil is among known for the strongest bite per unit body mass of any other land predator.



Australian Goannas are monitor lizards and fourth-largest living lizard found on earth. The perentie is the largest monitor lizard, mostly found in the desert areas of Western Australia.


Dingo is Australia’s wild dog but a separate species from dog found in deserts and grasslands of Australia. Dingo wild dogs are the largest terrestrial predator in the country but listed as vulnerable to extinction.

8 Top Benefits Of Eating Ice Cream Sandwich


So what is a sandwich ice cream?

It is a frozen dessert made up of two skins and ice cream in between. It consists of crusts and an ice cream made from different ingredients. The ingredients chosen depend on the targeted consumers. An ice cream sandwich for Americans has the crust made of cookies and wafers. Other ingredients that may be used are eggs milk sugar and even vanilla. In Israel, it may consist of thick biscuits, chocolate flavored ice and vanilla. Here are the benefits of indulging in an ice-cream treat.

1. You can eat it in public

You can leak and eat it sandwich in public without brushing the authority the wrong way. In fact, you can eat as many times as you wish without having anyone looking at you. Also, you can eat as much as you want without hurting yourself either mentally or physically.

2. You can choose to sandwich it with anything you want

You are free to choose to sandwich the ice cream with peanut butter, double fudge or anything you want. Also, you have a wide range of toppings and many flavors to choose from. You will end up with something that is tasty and which will leave you refreshed.

3. It is gratifying

The act of eating an Ice cream sandwich is gratifying. If it consists of a hunk of chocolate and chomp of macadamia it will make you feel good. Crushing the cookies is in itself gratifying.

4. It helps in fighting weight

Other than enabling one to refresh during the hot summer, ice cream sandwiches are good for people struggling with weight. In one of the studies in the US, it was established that women who ate one serving per day gained less weight compared to those who did not. Their bodies were also full of energy and were able to go about their normal chores without a problem. So, making it part of your diet can help you win weight loss wars. It will help you lead a healthier life.

5. It fights infertility

Perhaps this is one of the reasons that make most women love indulging in ice cream. In a study published in a Human Reproduction Journal in the United States, It suggested that consuming full-fat milk sandwiches improve a woman’s chance of getting a baby. Also, the study established that women who ate a full-fat ice cream often reduced the risks associated with ovulation.

6. It is loaded with important nutrients

The ingredients used to make ice cream sandwiches are mainly sugar, milk, and flavoring. They are rich in important nutrients like potassium, phosphorous and calcium. Potassium helps in lowering blood pressure while phosphorus and calcium strengthen bones. Other nutrients contained in the delicacy include protein, and energizing B vitamins. Protein is essential in helping the cells to grow and repairing tissue.

7. You can share it with a friend

Unlike other foods, you can always share an ice cream sandwich. Depending on what has been combined to make it, you can cut it into two half’s and share it with a friend. It makes the two of you enjoy and feel better.

8. It will make you smile

Perhaps you have always wondered why you always feel good a few minutes after indulging in the treat. Well, it is true that it refreshes but researchers have found that a few bites of the delicacy may make you happy.

Having said all this, it is important to note that regardless of the ingredients used, sandwiches are popular across the world. They confer a lot of benefits to people including aiding infertility and weight loss. They are preferred because they can be eaten even while on the go. They leave you fresh and feeling much better.

10 “delicious” but unhealthy meals – avoid them



Sometimes it is difficult to determine which diets are healthy or not harmful and which are unhealthy and harmful, as some diets that appear to be healthy, most of them contain healthy saturated fats or preservatives and industrial ingredients that pose a risk to human health.

In an effort to answer the question of the reason or reasons for classifying a meal as unhealthy, “holistic health depot” reports that the components of the meal and the method of preparation determine whether or not the food is healthy. Sugar, sodium, and fats (saturated and unsaturated) are some of the ingredients, the quantities of which must be checked or if the meal is free of them when shopping. The site provides examples of nutrients that should be minimized and suggests healthy alternatives to it:

1- White bread

Refined wheat is used to make bread in commercial quantities. Refined wheat contains a small amount of fiber and a large proportion of sugars. When consuming large quantities of white bread, the percentage of sugar in the blood increases. But white bread can be replaced with whole wheat bread.

2- Sweetened cereals

Cereals made with shapes similar to rice, corn, wheat and oats are not healthy, as they contain a lot of added sugar. To make matters worse, most of them were baked from refined flour, plus sugar. It is recommended to eat natural rice and unprocessed oats

3- Fried and grilled foods

Experts stress that the most unhealthy way to cook is barbecue and frying. Some chemical compounds are formed when foods are cooked using these methods due to high temperatures. For safety, it is advisable to choose cooked meals in traditional or steamed ways.

4- Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular fast food. The harm in eating pizza sandwiches is that some of them contain processed meat as well as frequent heating in the case of pizza that is sold frozen or sold in large commercial quantities. But it is not necessary to refrain from all sandwiches, but it is advised to choose the types of processed meat free, and it is preferable to eat home-made pizza, as it is the best

5- French fries

Boiled potatoes are very healthy, but french fries come in contrast. French fries are high in calories and therefore lead to obesity. It also contains a large amount of acrylamide, which increases the risk of some types of cancer. Cooked potatoes are recommended to eat and potato chips can be replaced with nuts or small carrots.

6- Low-fat yogurt

Yogurt is generally healthy, but most ready-made yogurt in stores is unhealthy, because it is low-fat and rich in added sugar, and most importantly it does not contain good bacteria because it was pasteurized with milk and thus all the probiotic bacteria in the milk were killed. Experts recommend choosing a full-fat yogurt that contains probiotics because it offers many benefits.

7- Processed meat

Some types of raw meat are healthy and nutritious, but processed meats are harmful to health and infect humans with many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer, due to the preservatives added to them.

8- Chocolate

Most types of chocolate are unhealthy, as they are rich in processed fats, sugar and refined wheat flour. You should review the ingredients of chocolate before eating it and it is advised to eat sugar-free chocolate.

9-Soft and sweet drinks

Drinking large quantities of soft drinks increases your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Experts advise to replace coffee, tea, soda and soft drinks with pure drinking water. Experts suggest adding a slice of lemon to add flavor to the cup of water, taking into account the intake of 8 cups of pure water daily.

10 – Most fruit juices

It is widely held that fruit juice is healthy because it contains vitamin C and antioxidants, but many overlook the fact that it also includes large amounts of liquid sugar. But not all fruit juices are unhealthy, as blueberry and pomegranate juice are healthy juices despite the presence of sugars. Experts advise eating fruits ripe and if eating fruit juices take into account that this is not daily.


What to do if you are in a Long distance relationship


It is more soothing to be near to the people and things you adore the most as distance usually suck relationships. But the situation changes a bit when your life poses an obstruction. I am one of many people who feel unpleasant after being away from their important things.

Thus, it is believable that long-distance relationship usually affects considerably. Actually it becomes hard to stay with such a relationship as every lover is different. Their expectations and limitation regarding their love relationship can also be different.

However, I am going to enlighten the darkness caused by a long-distance relationship. In order to know about my passions, my dreams and the things that can make my life happy in this Millennial age as a self-divorced woman, I am in constant touch with around 20 females.

It will be wrong to say that my previous relationships did not suck me when I was physically close to them.

My method of loving can be out of my control sometimes. Therefore, I had that I became more independent, ambitious and healthy when I was forced to stay from my love for considerable time, due to various reasons discussed here under.

More dedicated time for yourself:

When you want to satisfy and please someone constantly, sometimes it becomes hard to spare time for your own care, which is very important for everyone.

You can put yourself at priority:

While in long-distance relationship you have more time to study, to be active, to strengthen your physical and mental health and to make goals and achieving them for yourself.

Less needy and more independent:

I become mentally more engraved and clingy when I was close to someone important in my life to behave according to his time by devoting all of my time to him. All of my daily tasks include his company and doing for me looks weird. I feel more comfortable after being on my own even though I enjoyed doing many small things together like pumping gas and shopping grocery etc.

More time for family and friends:

Sometimes, while being in a relationship, you ignore several other people who were important in your life before the appearance of someone special. You should not forget the loving people who can do whatever you want. So you should ensure to be with all of your loved ones as you have limited time and your existence on the other day cannot be guaranteed.

Main elements of your relationship:

A relationship is based mainly on three elements- trust, effort, and communication. In order to maintain a normal relationship one has to do lots of works but long-distance relationship actually tests your potentials. Your successful teaming with your partner, even when he is miles away, is the real evidence of strong bonding between you both.

Your relationship will always remain fresh:

When you are in the arms of your love after a few weeks or months then you will always feel new excitement with open arms and big smiles.

Absence of unnecessary and petty fights: When you meet your love after considerable time for a limited time period then instead of wasting it in irrelevant and stupid arguments you will like to make the best use of every second and minute by filling it with kisses, cuddles, and hugs.

Travel to new places:

You will like to travel to new places with your partner even if you are together for a few days. Such journeys can be treated as a reward for the efforts you have made to maintain your long-distance relationship.

Makeup the lost time:

In the bedroom, you can recover the time you have lost while being with your partner without any criticism.

Long-distance relationship is a waste of time unless you are passionate for extraordinary love:

If I do not really feel a strong spark I will not be even in a long-distance relationship. The worth of long-distance relationship will be clear to me only if I can put my heart and love on the same line. I will be with my love until the end of this earth only after knowing its worth.

So the love and its eternal boundaries should be applauded as it is not affected by any distance. I am thankful that my present relationship reminds me of all such things daily.

10 ways to create a lasting impression


First impressions are important. What we portray ourselves to be is what gets imprinted in the minds of the people we meet for the first time. It’s the first few minutes of the conversation they will use to judge you. And the impression you create may last forever. These tips will help you make that impression to be great.

1. Make the first move

Don’t wait for people to come to you. Go to them and initiate a conversation. We know how people who are good making friends out of strangers are aggressive. They will approach you and start it like they have known you their whole life. Move up to people and say a ‘ hi’ to them. The rest will come automatically.

2. Smile

A smile is infectious. Smile at a person, and they will smile right back and think you like them, that you want and are happy to be around them. They will, in turn, want to be friends with you. Who doesn’t like to be around people who like them? There is no nicer way to strike friendship.

3. Maintain eye contact

Looking straight into the eyes of someone you are talking to shows you are interested in what they are saying. Avoid looking away or looking at your phone. They may think that they are boring and that you want the conversation to end. Eye contact also makes you appear bold and confident. You will appear honest; dishonest people often avoid eye contact.

4. Listen

Always listen when the other person is talking. Avoid unnecessary interruptions, or you may appear rough and belittling. People like it when others allow them the chance to talk.

5 . Radiate warmth

Don’t be dull or the conversation will die away. You will appear bored or uninterested. When talking do it with enthusiasm and look like you are fully immersed in it. Chances ate the other person will copy you, and you will have a great conversation.

6. Compliment as a starter

A compliment is a great conversation starter. Tell them how good they look. Or you. A compliment a possession, like how their car looks nice. It works magic, and the other person will open up to conversation.

7. Use proper body language

A lazy posture portrays you as uninterested and fidgeting as nervous. Maintaining an upright posture makes you appear confident, and wins you, friends. Using powerful gestures while talking keeps the other person glued to the conversation, and with interest too.

Don’t smile too much or you will appear to lack seriousness. Make it moderate, the kind that shows you are friendly. Avoid pointing at the person you are speaking to; it makes them think you are overly aggressive and domineering.

8. Have a sense of humor

No one wants to hang around a boring person. A laugh makes for a great conversation. Crack a joke or two and laugh together. The person will never forget you. People like to be around people who are funny. It makes life less serious and interesting.

To be a great cracker of jokes, make people who are talented in humor your friends. You will learn the art from them with time. Or you can watch comedy and learn some punch lines.

9. Find out what you have in common

Start by talking about something that interests you. Or you can ask them what they do, or what their hobbies are. Once you get talking about something you both love, there will be no stopping to the conversation. And you will form a strong friendship based on shared likes.

You can even tell them where you live or work. If you share a neighborhood or company, you will instantly become friends with a lot to talk about.

10. Create a personality to fit

We all behave differently when talking to different people. Like for example, the way you would talk to a musician is not the same way you would talk to a company executive. And for a reason, because we view life differently depending on our professions.

So create a personality that blends with theirs. This way you will avoid offending them, or appearing irrelevant and uninteresting. You can start off your conversation by knowing what they do so you can adjust your conversation accordingly.

Using these tips will help you win friends and create a lasting impression on the people you meet in your daily life.

10 ways tu use Teabags other than making tea


I am mostly a coffee person and rarely take tea. However, I came to learn of the many benefits tea possesses which we can enjoy drinking it. If you are a coffee fan you just can’t ignore these benefits despite never enjoying the drinking tea. Tea contains important nutrients and we can enjoy its benefits without taking it. Tea derives its medicinal properties from a compound known as tannins which have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Here are the 10 hacks you can achieve with tea bags.

1. Teabags can be used to combat insomnia

If you frequently suffer from lack of sleep then you can use tea bags to relax your eye muscles. Lack of sleep causes your eyelids to strain and could be contributing to your lack of sleep. Soak tea bags in warm water and then place them over your eyelids. Ensure that the tea bags are not soggy when placing them over your eyelids. The warm feeling helps to soothe one into sleep by making us feel relaxed.

2. Fight dandruff

Dandruff can be a nuisance and can lead to self-esteem problems. You might have tried hundreds of shampoos to no avail. The answer to combating dandruff has been all there with you. Tea contains active ingredients that help in fighting dandruff. Boil water, then add some tea bags into the hot water. After the water has cooled down proceed to rinse your head and hair with it. Compounds within the tea prevent build-up of dandruff thus preventing those embarrassing moments. It also prevents skin irritation brought about by dandruff. You can follow this routine for a couple of weeks and you will note the progress.

3. Gets of shoe odor

Smelly shoes can greatly inconvenience someone. This problem is quite common especially if you are not wearing socks. When a shoe starts smelling it very tough to completely get rid of the smell. However, there is a tea bag hack. Placing dry tea bags in each shoe helps absorb the smell. Try it out and you will be amazed at the results.

4. Clean up dishes

Cleaning dishes with food stuck on it can give you a hard time. You can soak the dishes in water and some tea bags into the water. This creates a solution that helps in loosening up the food. It is quite easy and works. If you have run out of dishwashing soap, try this out and be amazed.

5. Defog bathroom mirrors

Soaking teabags in water and then using this solution to clean the mirrors is a great way of defogging. Steam will not build up on the mirror after you have cleaned it using this mixture.

6. Get rid of odors in your hands

Spices and onions are a major put off while cooking. After cutting up onions getting rid of the odor is tough. Rubbing wet tea bags gets rid of the annoying odor.

7. Adding flavor to pasta

Feeling a little adventurous with your pasta recipe. You can give a unique flavor to the pasta by adding tea bags to the water. Ensure that you do not use too many teabags. Hard boiling the tea bag for a long time will destroy the flavor of the pasta. One tea bag should give your pasta a new unique taste.

8. Protect plants from anti-fungal infections

Used tea bags can be used to weak tea which will be used to water the plants. Be careful not to make it strong as it will raise pH levels which could kill the plant. Tea can be used to protect your plants from fungal infections especially when the conditions are humid. Tea has anti-fungal properties and adds vital nutrients to the soil. Do not just throw away your used tea bags.

9. Get rid of stains on the rug

Soaking teabags in water creates a solvent that gets rid of stubborn stains on the rug. You can dampen and then split the tea bags on the rug. The tea leaves absorb odor and give the rug a refreshing smell. Let the tea leaves stay on the carpet for a while before proceeding to vacuum it. This gives your rug a longer life span and gets rid of stubborn odors.

10. As air fresheners

Teabags can be used as air fresheners. If you are tired of the synthetic air fresheners you can experiment with tea bags. Hang the tea bags around your house to give it a refreshing new smell.

6 ways to increase testosterone in your body naturally


People are so much dependent on medicines and other facilities because they want quick solutions for each and everything. But you should know that it is not the only way out to increase the production of testosterone in the body. These pills may give you results on a short term basis but may be very harmful in the long run. Thus the information that will be discussed here will open your eyes that how the mental abilities and our psychological powers can be used for the production process of testosterone in the body in a completely natural manner.

1. Value yourself

If you want that testosterone production should increase naturally in your body then always remember to have a high perception about yourself. The way you value yourself is directly linked to the production of vital hormones in the body.

Factors likeability to earn a good amount of money or active participation in different activities is a great factor that naturally stimulates testosterone levels in the body because such individuals value themselves.

Studies have also reported the role of psychological factors with the help of tests that were conducted on the same group of people and they were assigned two different situations. One situation was that the individuals were asked to assume lower designations and then after some time they were asked to assume a higher position having a lot of power and ability to communicate freely with the surrounding environment. The results were simply amazing in the latter case as the level of testosterone increased by twenty-five percent.

Thus this situation is proof that how our psychological abilities play a massive role in the production of testosterone.

The way you perceive yourself makes a complete difference to your body. If you have confidence and imagine that you are a successful person with a lot of power then immediately your body will act in a positive way. So you need to build a very positive and strong perception of your abilities. What the mind believes to be true it can turn it into reality. So always pay attention to the self-image that you are creating.

2. Learn to spend some time for meditation

If you want that testosterone production should increase naturally in the body then mediation can be very beneficial. Due to constant tension because of our hectic lifestyle, the cortisol levels in the body shoots up. And cortisol will lower down the production of testosterone. So if you will learn the art of meditation then you can automatically get rid of unwanted and negative thoughts, anxieties and fear. Even a few minutes of daily meditation can naturally boost testosterone production in the body. You will notice incredible changes in your body and mind that will give you overall health benefits.

3. Exercising

Workout is one of the best ways of naturally boosting your testosterone levels. If you will practice some high-intensity exercises with interval training then it can make a big difference in your hormonal levels. Various other combined workouts will also help.

If you will do interval training that is of high intensity then the muscles in the body start functioning in the right manner and the production of testosterone is increased. You can try sprint, squat jumping, dumbbell, etc. and other exercises that help in building muscular strength and lowering the body fat.

Bodyweight workouts are also very helpful in increasing testosterone levels. Some high-intensity movements can be really helpful in boosting this hormone.

You can repeat a set of exercises in the category of heavyweights and ultimately after some time, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the testosterone levels. You can try different methods like barbell shrug, bench press method, different squat positions, deadlifts, etc so that you can easily focus on the muscle portion that covers a large area in your body.

4. Maintain the right level of cholesterol

You cannot completely take away cholesterol from your body if you want a favorable production of testosterone. Cholesterol is an essential element for maintaining testosterone levels because it helps in building up of mass required for muscles.

But this does not mean that you can indulge in any type of fattening food. Those foods should be consumed that provide the body with good cholesterol which is vital for the body, not the bad cholesterol found in junk and unhealthy foods. Good cholesterol can be found in eggs which are organic, fish, turkey, etc.

These types of foods with healthy cholesterol will supplement your body with the right amount of proteins and amino acids and thus the production of testosterone will also boost up.

5. Consuming omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are the natural source for increasing the production of testosterone in the body. But many people prefer to take omega 3 fatty acids in the form of pills. You should always try to consume it in a natural way and include foods in your diet like nuts, fish, various seafoods, and flaxseeds, etc which are an abundant source of it.

6. Right amount and the quality of sleep

If your body and mind are not getting proper rest then automatically the production of testosterone will decrease. Try to get a good quality sleep for at least 8 hours. Our body and brain needs time to relax and for that sound sleep is very important. Through rest, our energies get revitalized and the hormonal production gets balanced. So if you want that testosterone production should increase in a natural way then you must get quality sleep and in the right quantity.

If you are looking for increasing the testosterone levels then you must realize that pills cannot be the permanent solution for it. The secretion of this hormone in the body can be completely balanced by the natural tricks as mentioned above. You need to work on the psychological aspects as well as on the level of body. The ways that are discussed in this article are very easy and by showing some will power you can easily follow these ways. So if you want to see amazing results naturally then immediately start following the 6 ways that are shared in this article.

Zumba Can Help You in 5 Ways To Get A Fit Body


Are you interested in exploring new workout practices? Do you want to set your summer workout plan? What are you waiting for? Any delay can slow down your goals.

You need to be careful and start planning now to achieve the desired summer goals.

You will find many ways to explore new options. You can visit a gym and practice outdoor activities to get more benefits. More activities can offer you better results. But if you want to achieve the best result and to get fitness like a celebrity then include Zumba in your fitness regime.

Zumba is considered a very strong fitness program that can help you to get your dream figure with more fun and entertainment.

Synced Music Motivation is a researched science that makes a proper combination of the actual movements of the workouts and music. It is exciting and will be fun because of the innovation. In this program, the music will be utilized to get the maximum benefits of the workouts. More importantly, it will inspire people to push their limits to get more benefits.

It has not done before and it is expected that it will bring major changes in the perception of the people. Many more people will be inspired to follow the regular workout with the addition of the Zumba in it.

People might see many more changes in the Zumba exercises. Many new music training programs are expected to be introduced soon with some experienced master instructors and trainers.

You can expect some new additions from VIBE Vixen, Ai Lee Syarief, and Timbaland as they are regrouping to bring some more innovations.

That will certainly motivate the people to spend more time in the gym or practice it at the home with the popular Zumba music. Even if you are a beginner, you will start enjoying it without feeling any pressure of workouts.

Do you want to know the benefits? Do you want to know why you should include Zumba in your workouts? Are you looking for some reasons to motivate yourself? If yes, then you can consider the following five.

5. It will be all about music

With Zumba, you will get a beat for every move. Every move will have a beat. All the credit goes to the talents of the Timbo, he has made the workouts entertaining and fun. When your move will be perfectly synced with the beat, then it will be certainly entertaining. You can use any music that might be hip-hop, reggae, salsa, and anything of your preference. You will have a reason and motivation while following your workouts. It will get the benefits of the workouts. But it will not make you exhausted and tired as you will enjoy every move with a proper beat.

4. You will not have any feeling of competition

In the fitness classes, the pressure becomes more as you practice with your peers. There will be constant pressure for improvements. But if you practice it with the Zumba music, you will not have such pressure. You will be able to bring to best out of your ability. You will be able to focus more on the music and result instead of taking it as a competition. When you enjoy something, it makes you motivated and you do not feel any pressure to follow the rep. It will be automatic and spontaneous. There will be no judgment. It will be something like a judgment-free vibe.

3. No equipment will be required

While following workouts, you will need many devices. Strength training workouts demand more training equipment. But when you practice with Zumba, you do not need to bring any device. You need to just follow the vibes and music. The more you will follow, the better it will be. You can simply buy a yoga mat and practice the workouts on it. If you want to get more benefits, you can consider some rigorous exercises. For this, you might need to buy some equipment.

2. It is easy to learn and easy to follow

Zumba is a dance form. There is no comparison of Zumba dance and the workouts. The entire workout routine will be set like a session that will include warm-up, the workouts, and the cooldown like any normal workouts. But the difference in the Zumba workouts is that it will be something like music. Hence, you will not have the pressure of the workouts. In addition, it progresses in speed moderately and offers moderation with every move making it easy to follow and practice. You will also get the rest in the perfect time. When it comes to dance moves, it will be easy to understand. Anyone even a beginner can follow it easily and can enjoy it most. It is just like to follow the music and certain steps to get the desired fitness.

1. It makes you feel like a real champion

You enjoy your preferred things more. If you find it difficult, exhausting, and hard, it will not be that exciting. You can follow any workout to get the health benefits but that will not offer you the optimal result without the right approach. The benefit of the Zumba dancing is that you will have a lot of excitement. You will sweat like any other workout. But it will be fun. You will not have to work hard like there is no tomorrow. But still, you will get the desired result. It can help you to get your fitness and energy without making you exhausted and tired that you cannot expect other workouts. It can help you to fix every muscle of your body without any hard effort.

These are five benefits of the Zumba workout program. You can achieve more with proper dedication. You just need to know how to do it and who can help to master this art. To start with it, you can join any class. You do not need to do any hard effort to practice Zumba. You just need to move with the beat. Practice brings perfection. Within a few days, you can master it and can get all the benefits.

One apple a day is not enough to keep the doctor away … only two


A team of scientists confirmed in a new research that in the common saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away from its consumers, we describe only the truth, because removing it requires two apples instead of one, and by consuming them daily the harmful cholesterol decreases, and the risk of heart disease decreases, because the apples are rich in fiber and compound Polyphenol helps the vascular system to improve its functions, according to the study led by Professor Julie Lovegrove, a nutritionist and a leading researcher at the University of Reading in southern England.

In its research, the team used Renetta Canada apples, although of French origin, because they are rich in proanthocyanidins containing bad cholesterol-lowering compound. On the other hand, apple juice was used in conjunction with a similar amount of sugar and calories as controls. To some extent, Al-Arabiya. Net summarized what I was searching for from the British newspaper “The Times” today, and the team found that apples contain 8.5 grams of fiber, Compared to half a gram in juice, 990 milligrams of the polyphenol compound, while juice contains only 2.5 milligrams.

This disclosure led to an easy conclusion, summarizing that natural apples are more beneficial and far away from the doctor, cholesterol and heart diseases than people, if they persist in the natural nature of the famous fruit. It was found that changing dietary patterns can help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by at least 4%.

Although the reduction rate is low, Professor Lavrovov considered it important: “Because it shows that any easy-to-implement food change can have an important impact on the main measures of the risk of heart disease,” according to her expression of research findings that revealed how two apples, Instead of juice, or instead of one, as the video above calls for, it has a major impact on heart health.


A “natural” protein in our brains protects us from Alzheimer’s


A recent Canadian study showed that white blood cells in the human brain are regulated by a protein that protects against Alzheimer’s disease, a discovery that paves the way for the development of new treatments for the disease.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Alberta, Canada, and published its findings in the latest issue of the journal Communications Biology scientific.

The researchers explained that immune cells in the brain, called microglia, play an important role in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

The microglia is one of the types of glia cells found in the brain and spinal cord. This cell is the first line of immune defense in the central nervous system, as it plays the role of resident macrophages.

Small glial cells are the cornerstone of protecting the brain, as it cleans it of unnecessary neurons and connections, dead cells and infection continuously, and the processes they perform are extremely important in protecting the brain from any fatal damage.

In their new study, the researchers identified a protein called CD33, found on small glial cells, as a factor that might reduce a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The team found that less than 10% of the population had a copy of the CD33 protein, which made them less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

“The presence of CD33 protein on small glial cells suggests that immune cells can protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Matthew Macaulay, researcher involved in the study.He added that their study showed that “CD33 protein plays an important role in modifying the function of microglia, and these results pave the way for future testing of the causal relationship between this protein and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as testing treatment strategies to activate the role of microglia in protecting the brain.”

Macaulay noted that “CD33 protein plays an active role in inducing glial cells to cleanse the brain of plaque degeneration, in a process called phagocytosis, and this process contributes to slowing the risk of Alzheimer’s infection.”


Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, and leads to a continuous deterioration of thinking capabilities, brain functions, and memory loss.

The disease progressively develops into a loss of the ability to do daily activities and to communicate with the environment, and the condition may deteriorate to the point of lack of functionality.

The Real Reason Dodo Birds Went Extinct


If there’s one thing most people know about the dodo bird, it’s that they were dumb. If they had been human, they would have been the kind of person who changes pants while driving.

Yes, legend has it, this creature was only really ever a danger to itself, a true poster child for The Darwin Awards…at least, that’s the story we’ve been fed.

But is it true? Turns out, the whole story that the dumb dodo got itself hunted to extinction by being so stupid may have been a big load of doodoo.

Leon Claessens, Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution at the Netherlands Maastricht University, believes the Dutch sailors who first encountered the bird in 1598 didn’t actually hunt the birds to extinction, though the sailors likely had an indirect role in the demise of the species.

Previously, it was believed the birds were fat, and were hunted for food.But in the dense jungles of their native Mauritius, the bird would have been much leaner than previously thought, and therefore, not as appetizing of a meal.

Further, these jungles would have also made it much harder for the few hundred sailors to catch the birds, regardless of how unafraid the dodos were of human beings.

Claessens believes the real problem was the rats and other animals that would have landed with the sailors.

These animals would have been able to multiply quickly in an unrestricted habitat and would have feasted on dodo eggs and outcompeted them for food, a double-extinction whammy. And then the triple whammy hit: rapid habitat loss. The island of Mauritius was not initially considered very valuable; just a place for ships to stopover.

Some even thought the island was cursed due to a large number of shipwrecks in the area. That all changed when the Dutch realized they could export the island’s ebony wood for sale, which became the island’s primary economic activity.

Not long after, settlers were turning the once-wild island into a big agricultural plantation, leading to heavy deforestation and loss of native plant species.

The forest that provided natural protection for the dodo bird gave way to sugar cane fields, making the birds oversized sitting ducks for any predator who came along, as the dodos literally had no fight or flight reflex. Lack of flight also made dodos ill-suited to surviving natural disasters.

Evidence has been found that even before human settlement, many of the birds died in flash floods brought on by cyclones.Once they lost the natural protection of their sheltered forests, they became even more vulnerable.

The entry for the dodo in the Oxford English Dictionary describes something that is no longer effective, valid, or interesting, and the origin of the word comes from the Portuguese Doudou, translating to simpleton.

It’s a sad legacy for what was once a beautiful, totally innocent creature.Beyond their reputation for stupidity, dodos are a symbol of how quickly and profoundly humans can impact an environment and drive a species to extinction.Until we can clone them, dodos are gone forever, and the best thing we can do about it is to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors.

It only took a hundred years to wipe out the dodo, and while exact dates of extinction vary, most believe the dodo was gone by the 1660s, with other reports claiming they lasted on nearby islands until the 1690s.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter much, because either way the bird, and just about every trace of it, is gone forever. All we’ve got are a few records and sketches from sailors, and one or two shoddily stuffed birds in museums.

We’re hardly even sure what color they were. Most paintings from the time show dodos with white feathers, but firsthand accounts describe them with gray to black plumage. Heck, we didn’t even know they had kneecaps until 2014 after a 3D scan of the last remaining skeleton revealed them.

So have we learned our lesson? Not yet, it seems: in another hundred years, it’s estimated that 25 percent of all bird species will be extinct in the wild unless we take big steps to clean up our act. If not, we’ll be the real dodos.

Why do scientists think that most dinosaurs were probably feathered


We all know by now that most dinosaurs were probably feathered, right? I mean, since the discovery of feathered theropod dinosaur fossils in the mid-1990s, that become pretty common knowledge.

This year, in 2019, scientists have linked together many fossil and genetic discoveries to address a long-standing question in the paleontological community.

When did feathers evolve? The conclusions could upend everything we thought we knew, not only about the evolution of feathers…but about the whole dinosaur evolutionary timeline, too.

The long-held belief has been that feathers evolved around the same time as birds, giving them an advantage in a dinosaur-driven world and that dinosaurs developed feathers around the same time that birds were branching off.

But recent discoveries indicate that we may need to start thinking about this totally differently. In the early 2010’s, a fossil discovered in Russia showed remarkably well-preserved skin covered in both scales and feather-like structures.

And recently, pterosaur fossils have been found to display feathery structures too. And pterosaurs are the flying reptilian cousins of dinosaurs. And both of these organisms are quite a ways back from birds on the evolutionary tree.

We think birds probably gradually evolved in the Jurassic period, about 165-150 million years ago. But these discoveries potentially push back the origin of feathers to 175 million years ago, tens of millions of years before Archaeopteryx, which is widely regarded as the first ‘bird’!

It’s worth noting here that the ‘pterosaurs had feathers’ idea is a little controversial—some paleontologists take issue with calling these structures feathers at all. But many experts look at these structures, whatever they may be called, as expressions of feather-producing genes. And that’s the important part.

See, this fossil evidence pieced together over several years, confirms genetic work.

The development of feathers in an organism is controlled by the same genetic regulatory pathways that give rise to different surface structures in other animals, like denticles in sharkskin, scales in bony fish, hair in mammals—and even teeth!.

Molecular genetics analysis has revealed evidence of these genomic regulations way back in the evolutionary tree, in the Archosauria group. Archosauria were the “ruling reptiles” of the late Permian period, and this means that the genetic basis for feathers may have existed long before the dinosaurs and well before birds, which are the Aves group.

All of this put together makes for pretty compelling evidence that feathers are much more ancient than we thought.

But why? Why did feathers evolve way back before birds started using them for flight? There’s a couple of possibilities, but one idea is that at the end of the Permian period, when those reptile dinosaur ancestors ruled the land, there was a huge extinction event: the end-Permian mass extinction, to be exact.

And as organisms slowly started to recover and repopulate the land, they were different. They walked upright on two legs, instead of lumbering about on four. They had faster metabolisms and some may have even been endo-thermic, or warm-blooded.

So to compete with our ancient mammalian ancestors (who were probably already evolving hair to stay warm and hardy) dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and more started using those feather-building genes to express feather-like structures, most likely for pure insulation.

Overall, this changes most of our ideas about how birds may have evolved, and what role feathers played in their divergence from dinosaurs. This amalgamated work leaves us with a bunch of other questions, too! Were feathers present in crocodilian ancestors? What were the other purposes of feathers in birds as birds diverged from the tree?

These radically shifting evolutionary timelines don’t just change our popular conceptions of what dinosaurs may have looked like. Heck, the movies have bigger things to worry about. But, emerging techniques and the melding of fossil and genetic research keep bringing us closer to a more complete picture of the evolution of life on Earth, and how the organisms we recognize today came to be and are related to each other.